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The public library of Divonne-les-Bains, France, is a free place open for all. Located inside the building named L'Esplanade du lac, it is meant to share all manners of cultural themes (literature, art, films, music, geography, history, etc.). Around fifty comfortable armchairs, chairs and tables are at your disposal either for working or leisure time.

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Opening Hours

From Tuesday to Saturday, between 3pm and 6pm.

Which services are provided?

For all:

  • Access to our documents (to be consulted on site only unless you subscribe)
  • Access to our catalogue on the library's main website, the Facebook page and the possibility to subscribe to the monthly newsletter
  • Free access to Internet, with two computers at your disposal (time of use limited to 30 minutes) or with a wifi connexion on you own device (tablet, smartphone, private computer, etc.)
  • Prints and photocopies: 0,20€ per page in black and white, 0,50€ per page in colours
  • A variety of free animations throughout the year

For subscribers:

  • You can borrow books, DVDs, CDs, audio-books and have access to all digital resources at your disposal
  • Access to Geneva's municipal libraries' collections (on request)
  • Access to the Ain department libraries' collections
  • New documents available every month to be borrowed
  • Possibilities of booking and extension of borrowing period (see conditions below) online or on site.

I want to subscribe!

Subscribing is possible regardless of your country and city of residence, on the condition of presenting the following compulsory documents:

  • Residence certificate, dating back from less than 3 months (ie: water, gas, electricity, phone, internet bill...)
  • A valid ID (ID card, passport...)

Furthermore, a payment is required for adults, in Euros only (€).

  • The subscription is valid for 1 year, from date to date
  • Your subscription card is delivered without delay and you can borrow immediately!

[Coming soon] In order to shorten the subscription process on site we suggest you to download, print, fill and sign the subscription file (PDF) - Download subscription file

Subscription prices

Yearly subscriptions

  • Less than 18 years old: free
  • Less than 18 years old: free
  • Adult living in Divonne: 15€
  • Adult living outside of Divonne-les-Bains: 25€
  • Job seekers, social minima beneficiaries and students (please provide a supporting document): free
  • Groups from Divonne: free
  • Groups from outside of Divonne: 35€

Monthly subscription

One month subscription (intended for tourists, curists, etc.) : 5€.

Payments either by cash or French cheques. Caution: we accept Euros (€) only.

I want to borrow!

With a subscriber card one can borrow for one month up to:

  • 6 books or magazines
  • 4 CDs
  • 3 DVDs
  • 2 audio-books
  • 2 CD-roms

With a minor's card (under 18 years old), one can only borrow documents for children and teenagers.
With an adult's card, one can borrow any kinds of documents.

The borrowing period can be extended up to another month, except for DVDs, new documents and documents which were reserved by another user.
Only documents already borrowed can be booked.

I want to give back!

Please give back documents either at our desk during opening hours or by droping them in the red return box situated outside of the building (near the main entrance) when the library is closed.

In case you give back your documents after the borrowing period, you need to pay the following fines depending on your delay time and the number of documents you borrowed:

  • 1 € per document at the 4th day after the due date
  • 2 € per document at the 5th day after the due date
  • 3 € per document at the 6th day after the due date
  • 3 € per document + 10€ lump sum at the 7th day after the deadline and later.

In case the document you borrowed was damaged or lost: you must replace the document with another new copy; except for DVDs (50 € package) and CD-rom (25€ package).

In case you want to replace your subscriber card: 1,50€

Events? I'd like to see that!

Our events are in French. In order to stay informed, have a look on this website's agenda, our newsletters, flyers or posters at the building's main entrance or available in the monthly "Divonne animation" magazine (in French only).

Attending an event

  • You need to register in order to attend an event (subject to availability)
  • In case you cannot attend an event you were registered for, please let us know as soon as possible (see opening hours and contact sections above)


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